Alcohol Ambassador

19 lessons
Alcohol Ambassadors

Expected completion time: Under 1 Hour

Alcohol Ambassadors e-course

The Alcohol Ambassador course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to have informal conversations around alcohol and if appropriate, offer alcohol-related ‘brief advice’ to promote safer, healthier drinking.

In 2019 Renew Hull in partnership with Hull City Council launched ‘Alcohol Ambassador’s’.

Our aim was to create a community in control of alcohol, where people can make informed decisions around alcohol. If we do not know the facts, we can find ourselves making unhealthy and unsafe decisions.

We began successfully delivering Alcohol Ambassador face-to-face courses in 2019 but unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic meant we had to re-evaluate the delivery method and we are now able to offer online learning. Alcohol Ambassadors receive the same content and quality of learning in both formats.  

What are the benefits of being an Alcohol Ambassador?
  • Support your local community
  • Help reduce stigma associated with Alcohol
  • Gain knowledge and skills
  • Learn how to offer basic alcohol related advice
  • Help promote safer, healthier drinking habits
  • Support others to improve their health and wellbeing

Being an Alcohol Ambassadors does not involve:

  • Using detailed questionnaires or specialist techniques to assess people’s drinking.
  • Performing clinical tests (e.g. liver function tests).
  • Putting yourself at risk with conversations or the environment/location.
  • Telling people to change.
Course Content
  • Understanding alcohol
  • Local and national impacts of alcohol use
  • Alcohol-related health risks and harms
  • Changing behaviours and attitudes towards alcohol
  • Offering information and basic advice
  • How to get support advice and guidance

Bianca Harris

  • 5+ years of teaching experience
  • Certified course instructor

Bianca Harris has extensive experience in delivering training to adults.  She has experience working as a trainer within both the prison service as well as community substance misuse services. She has delivered learning to professionals, service users and the community.

“The relaxed and laid-back nature of Bianca put us at ease to ask any questions we wanted to ask.  I gained knowledge…”


Rebecca Soumati

  • 5+ years teaching experience
  • Certified course instructor

Rebecca Soumati has extensive experience as a trainer, group facilitator, case manager and team leader within the substance misuse sector.  She has experience working within both the criminal justice and community settings and like Bianca has delivered learning to professionals, service users and the community.